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Estimated Allocation Factors for Local Workforce Development Areas (WDA)

Estimated Allocation Factors for Local Workforce Development Areas (WDA)
Description Produce annual estimates of 12 socioeconomic factors for the Texas Workforce Commission. The factors estimated are: Children Under 13 With Working Parents and Below Federal Poverty Income Limits; Children Under 13 With Working Parents and Below 0.85 State Median Income; Children Under 5; Children Under 13; Population Under Poverty Level; Children Under Age 13 and in Families Below 150% of Poverty; Disadvantaged Adults (Ages 22-64); Disadvantaged Youths (Ages 16-21); Farmer-Rancher Economic Hardship; Civilian Labor Force 16-21 Years Old; Civilian Labor Force 16-19 Years Old; and, Veterans in the Civilian Labor Force 18-64 Years Old. The 12 factors are estimated at the county level and for the State's 28 Local Workforce Development Areas. These estimates are used to allocate Federal block grant funding for the following workforce development program areas: subsidized child care; the child care and development fund; the Workforce Investment Act; dislocated workers; youth services; and, the Veteran's Employment and Training Program. Two of the estimates, Children Under 5 and Children Under 13, are derived directly from the Texas State Data Center's population estimates. The Farmer-Rancher Economic Hardship Factor is estimated using data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The remainder of the block grant estimations involves two steps: first, baseline rates are developed; and, second, the baseline rates are applied to the population estimates produced by the Texas State Data Center. The primary data source for the baseline rates is the Census Bureau's 5-Year American Community Survey. Ongoing aspects of the estimations include: the investigation of data aggregation and other techniques to minimize the margins of error in the American Community Survey; and, the review of issues related to the use of ACS in formula funding.
Categories Labor Force Status Completed
Client(s) Texas Workforce Commission (TWC)
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